We’re at an all-time high and there’s more to come #operationsanta17

Wow we’ve just hit 16042 donations and there are more to come this week:

Thanks to our latest supporters and please forgive me if I’ve mentioned you twice, but it’s my first chance to catch up for a while:

  • Dean Banner and Banelec – thanks so much for your cash donation
  • Bex and the EDM Group
  • the wonderful Mandy Phillips and her DWP colleagues, who’ve made a huge difference to the Hope Centre
  • Tim and Tina Pace – Pacesetters Kleneze
  • Katherine Phillips
  • Kathy Green
  • Natalie Polito
  • Sainsburys Pensnett
  • Cllr Scott-Dow
  • Mike Wood MP
  • Jo Feghali
  • Sarah Alliband
  • Nicklins
  • TH Baker Jewellers
  • Carol Turley
  • Brett Harris has brought in lots more gifts and so have
  • Lee & Billy from Volks Magic


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