Presents aren’t the only thing that may be missing for many this Christmas and YOU can help!

37% of children are being brought up poor according to an article in the Guardian recently.

nowhere is this reality more true than in Dudley borough. Changes to benefits and families who are working, but struggling with temporary contracts or spasmodic agency work, mean no income at all or barely enough to cover the bills. For many food and basic toiletries are a luxury and how appalling is that? We can ALL do something about this TODAY.

- essentials listPlease check out the Essentials page on our wish list and get collecting now. There are local drop off points or you can drop at a Dudley CVS  in a Brierley Hill or Blaze Hair in Kingswinford. Just contact Eileen on 01384 573381 or Brett on 01384 70048. Together we can make a difference.

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