Poundland Superstars from Dudley Store 1993 step up to help Operation Santa 2020 #teamsanta #covidwontstopus

So this year we were worrying that the Covid-19 pandemic and all the restrictions were going to mean more referrals for families in need and less donations. We know people would be struggling this year more than ever as the financial and emotional side effects of Coronavirus continue to grow.

Roger Simmons and Mikey Southall to the rescue

Today there was a miracle when this morning Lee Southerton from Volks Magic had a phone call and he was invited along to Poundland in Dudley 1993 to chat to Roger and Mikey about some donations. Next thing we know he and Garry were rolling up to Operation Santa HQ with a van bulging at the seams with wonderful gifts. They unloaded that lot and then went back for another load. Wow Roger and Mikey we are so grateful, and for inviting them back next week for more.

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