Please don’t leave it too late to help Operation Santa Dudley borough!

First of all thank you so much to all the lovely people who have been supporting us so far with this year’s appeal. It’s been a real challenge with the multiple Covid restrictions, but we are doing our very best.

As you are aware we do not deal direct with families, but take support requests referrals from schools, voluntary and community groups, social workers, children’s centres etc.  Our closing date for donations is 18th December, but please don’t leave dropping off your gifts until then, as many schools and groups close at lunchtime that day, which means your presents will not be given out.  Social workers are of course working up until Christmas Eve and so are we, but please get your donations over to us as soon as you can. 

We have received over 40 lists so far and it’s not even December. Many of the lists are not from our regular 100 or so groups/schools/organisations that we support every year, so already demand is up and donations are down.

Please do your best and help us reach as many children and young people as possible this Covid Christmas 2020.

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