Black Country
Toy Appeal

Total children trapped in poverty throughout the Black country

Statistics for child poverty throughout the Black Country

Dudley North children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Dudley North
Stourbridge children trapped in poverty
That's 37% of children in Stourbridge
Halesowen & Rowley Regis children trapped in poverty
That's 38% of children in Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Dudley South children trapped in poverty
That's 38% of children in Dudley South
Warley children trapped in poverty
That's 48% of children in Warley
West Bromwich West children trapped in poverty
That's 45% of children in West Bromwich West
West Bromwich East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in West Bromwich East
Walsall South children trapped in poverty
That's 47% of children in Walsall South
Walsall North children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Walsall North
Wolverhampton South West children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Wolverhampton South West
Wolverhampton South East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in Wolverhampton South East
Wolverhampton North East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in Wolverhampton North East

It’s a true record breaker whoop whoop and there’s more coming #operationsanta17

So I thought that was it for donations this week and the grotto was going to close tomorrow, but news of our amazing grotto has spread and we have more, and more people asking for gifts etc from us, so I have lists of people coming in tomorrow and we’ve done lots of groups today.…

We’re at an all-time high and there’s more to come #operationsanta17

Wow we’ve just hit 16042 donations and there are more to come this week: Thanks to our latest supporters and please forgive me if I’ve mentioned you twice, but it’s my first chance to catch up for a while: Dean Banner and Banelec – thanks so much for your cash donation Bex and the EDM…

It’s a record breaker!

We’re smashing records everyone and thanks for your support over 15200 donations so far. Please see totaliser. Whoop whoop

More donations boost the appeal #operationsanta17

Huge thanks to this week’s lovely supporters David Coyle and T Heath Light Haulage have both made cash donations and the following wonderful people have dropped off gifts: Sharon Dodd Sheila Hill Jayne Bennett and the team from Ashton Care Group Bex and the team from EDM Group plus of course the fabulous Brett Harris

Meet our AMAZING supporters who’ve helped us beat last year’s total already #operationsanta17

We have some fab supporters and donations will be coming in for the next few weeks too. Here’s our latest list 🙂 Abi Knott Accord Steel Cladding Alex Stephenson Amblecote Wordsley Methodist Church Brett and the Blaze Angels Carl Ackerman Cllr Scott-Dow and UKIP Party Deb Attwood Eden Farm Hulleys EDM Group and Bex EON…

This year could be a record breaker #operationsanta17

After the best Sunday ever this week has been a record breaker! We have had 9154 donations this week and the biggest donation in Operation Santa history of 8382 brand new toys, books, clothes including designer items. Yet another miracle from the amazing Brett Harris This week’s supporters have included Amblecote Wordsley Methodist Church Vera…

Brett and the Angels save Christmas #operationsanta17

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Brett can perform miracles ! He has secured us a huge donation of brand new high end clothing and toys from a large high end retailer. This means that we can now help struggling families with some lovely new clothes this Christmas. I salute you Brett…

The most super Sunday in Operation Santa history party 2 – the BIGGEST TOY SHOP EVER! #operationsanta17

I’d no sooner got back from the Jingle Bell Jog, then I dashed across to the Civic with the lovely Brett Harris to meet Simon, Mike and Carl who had just done the biggest donation in Operation Santa history!  These three lovely guys and their supporters have run fundraising events to do a big toy…

The most super Sunday in Operation Santa history – part 1 #operationsanta17

Wow what a Sunday!  This last weekend Brett from Blaze Hair organised a Jingle Bell Run for Sunday 3rd December 2017 and what a great time we had and raised lots of lovely funds for Operation Santa.

Paul is making a huge difference to a local charity, supporting struggling families #operationsanta17

I can finally unveil one of the amazing Brett’s major miracles!  He has only gone and found us the lovely Paul from Eden Farm Hulleys who store and distribute frozen food, who are going to start making regular weekly food drops to the Hope Centre in Halesowen.  Paul we are so grateful for your support…

Meet Brett Harris our brilliant Business Ambassador to Operation Santa #operationsanta17 #webelieve

I’m delighted to introduce you to our AMAZING Business Ambassador Brett Harris, from Blaze Hair Kingswinford. He truly is an exceptional person and has such a passion to help local children and young people in need through Operation Santa. Brett is one in a million and a real angel, he pulls of miracles at the…

Marvellous Morrisons and the brilliant Brett take us over 3000 donations #operationsanta2017

Wow it’s been an amazing week already and it’s only Tuesday! The brilliant Brett Harris has worked his magic and one of his lovely supporters from Morrisons Kingswinford has added to Brett’s donations, taking us over the 3000 donations mark! Whoop whoop 🙂

Where would we be without our regular supporters? #operationsanta17

The lovely Mrs Baldwin, who lives around the corner from Operation Santa HQ has just popped in. She normally buys us a selection of toys every year and this year was no exception. Thanks Mrs Baldwin 🙂 Jim White is another of our fab regulars and he called in last week too. Thanks Jim 🙂…

Thanks to all you stars for your support #operationsanta17

A huge shout out to this week’s lovely supporters who’ve included: Brett Harris – Business Ambassador and a real life angel – who has pulled off two miracles and is working on a third! A well-known actress who wants to stay under the radar – she was in a Bond film and that’s all I’m…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! #operationsanta17

You would never guess Christmas was coming would you? 🙂 

What a way to top the week! Cheers to Volks Magic #operationsanta17

A big shout out to our latest business supporter, who gave me a huge cash donation last week and arrived at the grotto yesterday with a lovely load of toys.  Here are Lee Magic and Billy the Elf with their van full of treats.  We are looking forward to working with an amazing business who…

We are THE OFFICIAL Operation Santa for Dudley borough #operationsanta2017

I’ve had a conversation this morning with a concerned organisation who usually have gifts and toys from Operation Santa every year, but have spotted some other Operation Santa appeals on Facebook, so I would like to clarify that although I think it’s lovely that people are trying to help children and families at Christmas, we…

The amazing Brett Harris pulls off another miracle #operationsanta17

Round of applause please for the fantabulous Brett Harris from Blaze Hair. in response to an appeal from Camilla from the Hope Centre in Halesowen he’s facilitating another of his miracles. More news to follow

Wow we now have a VIP donor! #operationsanta17

We’ve had a bumper few days with over 800 donations from a member of DCVS Staff, Alex Stephenson, Brett and Rose, who has secured a donation of divine clothes from a well-known actress who has been in Hammer House of Horror and Bond Films!  We are going upmarket for sure.

Helping the ‘invisible children’ under your nose! Why Operation Santa does what it does #operationsanta17

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