Black Country
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Total children trapped in poverty throughout the Black country

Statistics for child poverty throughout the Black Country

Dudley North children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Dudley North
Stourbridge children trapped in poverty
That's 37% of children in Stourbridge
Halesowen & Rowley Regis children trapped in poverty
That's 38% of children in Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Dudley South children trapped in poverty
That's 38% of children in Dudley South
Warley children trapped in poverty
That's 48% of children in Warley
West Bromwich West children trapped in poverty
That's 45% of children in West Bromwich West
West Bromwich East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in West Bromwich East
Walsall South children trapped in poverty
That's 47% of children in Walsall South
Walsall North children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Walsall North
Wolverhampton South West children trapped in poverty
That's 42% of children in Wolverhampton South West
Wolverhampton South East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in Wolverhampton South East
Wolverhampton North East children trapped in poverty
That's 44% of children in Wolverhampton North East

A grateful group – lovely words as they wrap the gifts for the kids they support

“To Team Santa.  I cannot explain how amazing it is to be able to give our children the presents you’ve donated to us, it’s hugely appreciated. Every year you give such amazing presents for our children.  A huge thank you from Dudley Young Carers.  I hope you and all the team have an amazing Christmas!!!…

What you give makes a difference – please support us

Feedback from a Mum who has just been given her presents and food “Can you please tell the team how grateful I am for the gifts and food, it means so much. I am truly touched, you guys, every single one of you do an amazing job, helping young families, young people and the vulnerable…

Our latest donations total is 6404 but we need more donations please @WeAreBCR

We’ve had a bumper week of donations, but have had lots of smalls this week in particular, which would make a very small grotto present, but we are desperate for main presents. The current situation is that we can only honour the lists we have booked in and there are lists and lists waiting, plus…

Students dig deep to help local children this Christmas

Local Councillor Jake Cooper organised a fundraiser for local children this Christmas.  8 students at the University helped him throughout the week to raise £314 for Operation Santa and with the money they have managed to get 36 kids a present for Christmas.  We are so grateful for his support and the toys will be…

Cycling for Santa, 30k A Day Everyday in November @WeAreBCR

Most of us go cycling now and again, some of us may even travel a few miles, but Daz Rudge and Craig Knowles are doing a 30K cycle challenge for Operation Santa this year!  These wonderful guys work for Virgin Media and are hoping to raise money to buy toys and gifts for local less…

Wowsers what a week! Feeling good this Friday @WeAreBCR

So I think i can safely say we have had a phenomenal week at Operation Santa HQ. 1948 donations, new supporters via our friends at Black Country Radio and through our Facebook feed. it’s been a week of monster shopping trips for gifts, sorting and organising the grotto ready for our first collections today. 16…

Wow what an amazing few days and look at the total!

What a fabulous few days we’ve had in Operation Santa HQ and are now up to wait for it … 4329 donations! So many people wanting to help and here’s who’s supported us in this year so far, every one a star Amanda Field Andy Elbro Brett and supporters Camilla Candace Caroline Harvey – Higgs…

We have broken 2000 donations whoop whoop

Delighted to share that we are now at 2032 donations thanks to an influx last week and today.  We still need presents and treats though so please do share our wishlists and helps Volks Magic sell lots of lovely raffle tickets for this gorgeous red VW Beetle cabriolet 🙂

Official launch of Operation Santa today was a huge success

Win a red VW Beetle Cabriolet for just £5 a ticket and make sure local children don’t think Santa has forgotten them this Christmas!

Lee and the team at Volks Magic are working on making miracles happen again this Christmas. This amazing little car has had lots of new parts, a full respray, sound system, snazzy new upholstery and the list goes on. Some brilliant local businesses have supported Lee and the Santas A Gangster team, so please dig…

I’ve got a feeling that Operation Santa 2019 is going to be amazing! @WeAreBCR

As Christmas creeps closer I think that all the portents indicate that 2019 is going to be a phenomenal appeal. Black Country Radio are supporting us this year and have kindly donated an amazing space to house our Grotto. Thanks to the wonderful Steve Waltho [Local Councillor and elf] Dudley MBC have generously given us…

What a phenomenal weekend that was! #teamsanta #

I’ve just had the most amazing weekend at VDubz in the Valley with Lee Southerton from Volks Magic and the amazing Santa’s a Gangster crew.  Garry and Hayley who organised the event have a real passion for raising awareness of the charity and getting people to dig deep.  There were so many donations, they held…

Great news for #TeamSanta

So I am delighted to confirm that we have a venue for this year’s grotto and it’s still in Brierley Hill. All on one floor, level access and a very welcoming team of volunteers who really want to help us raise our profile, so all good.  First batch of baby toiletries, nappies etc have arrived…

How would you feel if on Christmas morning, Santa had forgotten you?

Well let’s not let this happen.  The more we collect, the more we help Santa out. Remember, people fall upon hard times for many reasons. But, let’s not make it the children’s fault this Christmas! help us spread the word and share our posters please!

Win a VW Beetle Convertible for just £5 and raise funds for Operation Santa 2019 @WeAreBCR

Why not support Operation Santa 2019 by sharing our essentials 2019 list?

Our usual essentials list has been updated for 2019, as our range of support needs to meet the needs of local children, young people and their families.  Please do support us and share our lists with family, friends and colleagues. Every gift really does make a difference.  essentials 2019

New gifts wishlist for 2019

I’m delighted to share our updated gifts and treats wishlist for this year’s Operation Santa 2019. If you would like to download and share this we would be very grateful.  Please share this with family, friends or colleagues if you can, every single donation makes a difference 🙂 gifts wishlist 2019 


CAN YOU HELP PLEASE? In a few months time we will be setting up this year’s Operation Santa HQ and we desperately need some folding trestle tables for sorting,wrapping and storing smaller items from October to December. We only need to borrow them and will return them in January 2020. Perhaps you have one you…

Operation Santa News latest edition

Here is our latest Operation Santa news and our wishlists are live!  We won’t be opening the grotto for a few months yet, but please do help by sharing our wishlists. Every little helps 🙂 Op Santa News jul-aug  

Tomorrow night why not enjoy live music, shopping opportunities and a free welcome drink! The ultimate girls night out for just £5 and an amazing cause #catwalkforchristmas19 @WeAreBCR @DudleyMBC

Our Catwalk for Christmas is tomorrow and we have lots of lovely treats in store for you for a mere £5 a ticket, every penny of which will go to providing Christmas cheer for local disadvantaged children and young people across Dudley borough. I think you will agree we have a great selection of shopping…


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