Burglars stole this families Christmas, but your donations literally saved it!

There are some not very nice people out there who clearly don’t have any Christmas Spirit and thanks to your donations, Operation Santa SAVED CHRISTMAS for this family!  We hear these tales every year and they still make me cry, but I’m just so glad we could help!

On Christmas Eve our team were made aware of a burglary that had occurred on the XXX Estate, XXXX where the house had been ransacked and all of the children’s presents stolen. The Occupier and victim was a staff nurse who had returned home around 7pm on Christmas Eve having done a 13 hour shift to find all of her 5 and 7 year old children’s presents had been stolen and no shop open to even try and replace them.

As a result of your donation we were able to get a large amount of toys to the family overnight so that these children could wake to presents, literally left by (Operation) Santa. It was wonderful that we were able to do this and could only have been done by your generous and kind donation.

We have also donated a large quantity of the toys to XXXX Child Protection teams that have a room within Wolverhampton Central Police Station specifically designed for when children have to be urgently removed from families. The room is used as a very short term safe place to keep the children whilst still in care of Police Officers, as they arrange the logistic process of finding them foster care. This room is due to be redecorated over the next week, so the new toys are a welcome gift to the teams and can assure you will provide a lot of children some “normal” playtime and relief from what is a stressful situation for them.

Thank you again from us all, and please pass on our thanks and warm wishes to all your staff that have made this possible.    

Kind regards


DC 0175 David Hackett

High Harm and Vulnerability Team/Digital Media Investigator | Force CID | Brierley Hill Police Station, Bank Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 3DH 

( West Midlands Police – 101 ext. 851 3154 | : d.hackett@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

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