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Santa’s Black Country Toy Appeal is on a mission

Christmas is a tough time for those families who were already struggling and having to make a choice between food or fuel, often with nothing spare when they’ve paid everything out.

We are a group of volunteers who passionately believe that no child should go without at Christmas! Our team love a challenge and intend to do our best to reach as many children, andyoung people as possible, whose parent[s] may be struggling through no fault of their own.

Every child deserves

a happy Christmas

Statistics for child poverty throughout the Black Country

Total children trapped in poverty with all areas added up:

Donate local and support local

We want to set up a central collection point in each of the Black Countryboroughs – Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton – to gather toys and gifts.

The idea is what’s collected in the area supports children and young people living in that area. We believe it’s important that people can donate local to support local.

Collection Points

We’ve already sorted a central collection point for Dudley borough and a list of local collection points, but we always need more, so if you can help by setting up a collection point please get in touch.

We also need to find people in Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton who would be interested in setting up a central collection point for their area, and building a network of local collection points to support them.

Who do we support?

We support 0-16 year olds who would otherwise get nothing for Christmas. No child should think that Santa has forgotten them.

How can I access support?

1. We take requests from not-for-profits across the Black Country, which may be a voluntary, community, faith sector group, or a statutory service including local social workers, council staff, schools and the NHS.

2. We cannot deal with parents directly - if you need support please ask at your child's school, your social worker, or someone else who supports you to refer you to us.

The reason is that the referrer can verify the family’s circumstances and this enables us to ensure the limited number of donations we get are channelled to those most in need.

How YOU can help!

Want more info? Would like to help?

Get in touch today!

1. Share our good news stories and successes on social media with your family and friends.

2. Download our wishlist and set up a collection point where you work, be it a hairdressers, shop, office or other workplace.

3. Help us reach more potential recipients by telling them what we do, how they can access or support us.

Offer support, contact us today

Tel: 07860 644468 or Email: santabctoyappeal@gmail.com

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